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booking a session

The condition of your servitude is that you must be able to contribute for our costs and time, and be prepared to be taken to your physical or fantasy limit.


In the first instance, please send us an email outlining your interests for the session, and kindly advise as to when you available. Providing your interests and preferences are in line with ours, we shall discuss our availability for the session, and then go onto confirm the booking.


Please note - We will need to speak to you on the phone in order to accept the booking. Once we have agreed a time and date for the session, you must confirm the booking again by text or phone call on the morning of the day of the session itself, no later than 10.30am.




The rates reflect the Mistress's high level of skill and expertise; the rate for a Duo session with both Mistresses is £280 for the first hour, and £220 each hour thereafter. Intense forty minute sessions are available at £200, and occasionally 30 minute sessions are available for 150. The tribute is accepted in GBP or Euros.


Please note that hardsports, shemale ejaculation, and sessions that result in extensive mess (sploshing, vomiting and force feeding) incur a supplimentary £50 fee, along with the heavy use of nitrous/amyl. All other activities incur no extra fee. The exact tribute is stated before the booking is arranged, so the full tribute amount is understood well in advance of the session. 


If you are booking for the first time, you will need to send a deposit in order to secure the booking. Once a time and date is agreed, the deposit must be paid within 24 hours. Please consider the code of conduct before making a booking, which will give you an idea of the high standards that are expected.




Regarding our availability, we do not run sessions on a daily basis as this is not our main vocation. Evenings and weekends are most convenient, and we can arrange weekday afternoon sessions. Please let us know of your availability with as much notice as possible, as we will always give priority to those who book further in advance.


We do expect you to have the common courtesy to communicate fully with us once you have made the booking, and if you do need to re-arrange or cancel a session, you must inform us within at least a day's notice. Those who cancel at the last minute without very good reason, or simply fail to show up, will permanently and indefinitely lose the opportunity to session with us.



1. "Had a lovely time with these two great Mistresses. Central London location, easy to find, safe area, near several tube stations: well equipped flat with its own entrance, clean.


Mistress Skorpia is petite, smooth skin, softly spoken but with a hint of “I’m in charge, you don’t know whats coming” whilst Mistress Cindy is tall, smooth skin, beautiful luscious lips and tits with a hint of “you don’t know what I’ve got for you” ! Reality is far better than the pictures as far as these two mistresses are concerned. Both very friendly and during the session with a hint of “obey or else”. I got the service I was expecting - I was the slutty slave and they were in charge.


I explained beforehand what I wanted in general terms and what I disliked, this was understood and I left it Mistress Skorpia and Mistress Cindy to decide exactly what should happen during the session, with the mystery adding to the overall pleasure of the moment.


I arrived and Mistress Skorpia and I spent a short period discussing my likes and dislikes regarding the session. She was dressed in black PVC dress and black high heeled shoes. I was shackled to the bondage frame and Mistress Skorpia proceeded to verbally abuse me, spit in my face and in my mouth, at the same time torment my nipples with her fingers and nipple clamps.


I was also subjected to breath play with a mask placed over my face and the only means of breathing through a tube which Mistress pushed inside her pleasuring herself. She was soon joined by Mistress Cindy who was soon allowing me to worship her beautiful enormous cock and making me gag with Mistress Skorpia also forcing my head onto this rampant cock and still spitting on my face.


Then came the golden showers - first there was Mistress Cindy who gushed so much that I couldn’t drink it all and it splashed over my face and body - warm golden piss. Next it was Mistress Skorpia who attempted to place a funnel in my mouth to capture her golden nectar, but again it over-flowed over my face and body.


A wonderful end to a session that I had previously only dreamt of - thank you to both mistresses. I was provided with a shower to clean myself and we had a good conversation over my past experiences. In this session my fantasies became a reality and I shall return to act out more scenarios. Excellent Session with professional mistresses who clearly enjoy what they do. A well equipped place in a nice street in London. Very discreet and safe."


2. "Great evening with lovely 3-person team - highly recommended! Easy to find dungeon with easy public transport access. Very clean despite overflowing with equipment. Pictures of all 3 are insufficient - the duo and slave are much more attractive in the flesh. I requested a gothic fantasy so the mistresses were dressed accordingly. Sub sasha wore purple skirt and pink holographic bikini as requested.


The mistresses managed to put me at ease while managing to remain suitably imposing. They're both lovely. Sub sasha remained in role throughout as the disoriented victim. Couldn't have asked for a better encounter! Everything the mistresses offer is available. I chose a scene involving bondage, spanking, candle play, blindfolds, breath control, vaginally inserted deep heat and more.


I got there a little early and saw sub sasha arrive, though she had no idea I'd be the one she'd be relieving later. Skorpia greeted me at the door: very finely turned out in lacy vampyric garments. She's a lot more charismatic and foreboding in person than she seems in the photographs.  She asked me to wait in the bathroom for a few minutes to set the scene and, knowing the complexity of the scenario, I didn't begrudge it for a moment.


Mistress Cindy came and collected me, and the scenario began: the story opens with sub sasha passed out in her shiny holographic clubbing clothes - a bottle of spirits on the bed beside her. So completely unaware of her surroundings is she that the vampire breaking into her room is able to effortlessly subdue her, restrain her, and drag her back to the crypt. Two of the rooms in the dungeon had been modified to portray the two locations: clubber's room; and vampire lair. Once sasha has been secured, vampire Cindy wakes her bride from her coffin. The two predators immediately start playing with their food: taking turns electrifying, suffocating and penetrating her, snacking on her most tender parts when her reactions never cease to entertain them.


A word of warning gents: no matter how well endowed you believe yourself to be, mistress cindy will most likely humiliate you in a side by side comparison. I half expected to see little crayon marks on the wall indicating how much it's grown this month.


The moment where I thought: "can you freeze right there while I fetch my easel" was probably when they cuffed sasha's wrists behind her, laid her on her back and vampire Skorpia mounted her with the clear strap-on while vampire Cindy rode her face. There's something wonderful about the sight of a pair of restrained hands framed by a pair of PVC clad legs and bottom, which is in turn framed by a naked pair of legs crossed at the heel, and to top it all off, sasha's writhing under cindy's ministrations really set the scene.  Add some labial suction and wax play and you've got a session that would be very hard to forget, even if I wanted to. If I could do it all again I'd have suggested placing me in the role of dangerous werewolf locked in the cage.


For anyone wondering if the dominatrix duo can hold an intelligent conversation, we finished the session with a discussion about evolution, genetics and brain case etymology.  I'd definitely recommend these three to any perverse voyeur with an itch to scratch - they enjoy it so much more when you contribute a little imagination. Many thanks, Duo: you made my night ;)"


3. "I have visited a number of London Mistresses, but have to say that Mistress Skorpia and Mistress Cindy are the best. From the very first moment they captivated me.  Both are striking, there is a lovely relaxed interplay between the Mistresses, and both so obviously enjoy inflicting pain.  Mistress Skorpia has a lovely smile and looked intensely into my eyes as she ratcheted up the pain and so obviously enjoyed my suffering.  They made me desperate to do whatever was commanded and to show I was a worthy slave.  


The session started with Mistress Skorpia collaring me and then allowing me to worship her feet and legs with the inevitable result that my excitement became obvious.  I was then attached to the bondage frame and the torture began.  Both Mistresses circled me as they applied nipple clamps and took a whip to my excited member and backside.  The smiles, the gentle caresses and the sharp pain was an intoxicating mixture.  As soon as I was starting to writhe, the torture changed, from nipples, to whip, to deep heat applied to my anus, to nettles brushed across my nipples or squeezed over my member - each pain reaching that point of inflection from pleasure to pain - and then changing.  The nettles were replaced with electrics and the intensity just grew.


As I was starting to wonder what could happen next, a gasmask was placed over my head and breathing tube pushed inside Mistress Skorpia to suffocate me as Mistess Cindy kept up the pain levels. I was then tied to the bed, with Mistress Skorpia forcing me to queen her as Mistress Cindy dripped wax over my by this stage very sore nipples and penis. I was finally fucked by a strap-on clad Mistess Skorpia as I sucked off Mistress Cindy.


I would thoroughly recommend the Mistresses to anyone, the most intense and enjoyable session I have had.  Two Mistresses with a great relaxed interplay who clearly enjoy themselves.  I will be going back!"


4. "Met in clean, spacious flat near Euston station. Vey nice area. Felt safe. Place was spotlessly clean and rooms nice and tall. Mistress Skorpia - a very sexy and attractive woman who comes across intelligent and well spoken. Mistress Cindy - a gorgeous, well endowed TS who clearly enjoys what she does, Sub Sasha - a very sexy and experienced sub who clearly loves being the two mistresses personal slave.


This being my first time i was very nervous but Mistress Skorpia put me at ease from the moment i spoke with her on the phone to discuss what i was looking for. Obviously that all changed once the session started and the other two joined in. This is clearly a passion for these guys that they relish which made the whole experience all the more better.


This being new to me there was no way i was going to do everything on their list but i have no doubt that they do it all and they do it all very very well. email and telephone exchanges with the mistresses before hand enabled them to tailor the session to what i was looking for. I felt they had a natural ability to see how far i wanted to take things and where my limits lied which in some cases was further than i thought.


When looking at the different mistress i came across their profile and decided if i was going to do this i may as well go the whole hog. Well it turned into an inspired choice as the mistresses and slaves clearly love what they do, this is not just a job you sense it is a passion and a way of life for them. As such the session fulfilled both my initial requirements and desires and introduced me to a few things that i would like to progress further the next time i see them.


The types of things that went on was tying, whipping, violet wand, breath control, poppers, cbt, watersports, anal play, oral and intercourse with slave, cuckolding, wax, watersports, clamps, bindings... there is alot you can get through in two hours if you please the mistresses that is. I cant wait for the next session where my boundaries are pushed further. I would definitely recommend these for the curious beginner to the seasoned slave."


5. "Mistress Scorpio looks exactly like her photographs. She is facially beautiful with an exquisite hourglass figure. Her legs are shapely and match the male stereotype of the fantasy female seen on so much poster art. Mistress Cindy is indeed statuesque with a well proportioned body and the most impressive male organ l have ever seen. Both were dressed as l had requested in basques, tiny pants, long gloves, high quality stockings and stiletto heeled shoes.


Both mistresses were extrovert and friendly where appropriate. They provided, fully, the experience l had wanted: Domination, degradation, bullying, face slapping, face sitting, smothering, breath control, asphyxiation, fisting, rimming, corkscrew dildo, huge dildo, strap-on training, cock worship, CIM, shoe worship, stiletto cock torture, humbler, scrotum stretcher, penis vacuum suction, perforated dildo and mask, leg spreader bar, nitrous oxide, w/s, h/s.


I had asked for the session to begin forcefully immediately upon my arrival - which it did as Mistress Scorpio opened the door and ordered me into the dungeon room. I was made to lie on the wood laminate floor as she paced back and forth menacingly, relating as she did, my scripted introductory scenario. This concerned the way l had caused my last girlfriend, a former lover of Mistress Scorpio’s, to endure ignominious sexual acts during our relationship. I was there to be punished and would be forced to suffer the same, and more, and so it began as Mistress Scorpio bent down and slapped me really hard across the face. She has the looks of an angel but Mistress Scorpio can have the personality of a devil - a very heady cocktail and utterly convincing.


Next, l was told to strip and lie on the silk-sheeted bed. Mistress Cindy entered on cue and l was securely fastened to the bed as my punishment began. I was subjected to all the services listed and also some which the Mistresses chose to include as well. Whilst l was tethered to the frame, Mistress Scorpio stood in front and to the side of me, placing her herself tantalisingly close so that l could lick close to, but not actually reach between her legs. I was teased mercilessly and denied my wish. They then had strong exhibitionistic sex in front of me to complete the cuckolding effect.


Afterwards, l was blindfolded and teased by Mistress Scorpio as she placed her body very close to mine, chastising me whilst rubbing her breasts close to me. I badly wanted to look at her and attempted to remove the blindfold. This earned me a severe rebuke and l was flogged for moving without her instruction. As she rubbed against me l tried to extend the contact by again moving my body. This earned me a more severe flogging with ball kicking for good measure.


I have no doubt whatever that The Mistresses genuinely enjoyed our session. I accepted the offer to bathe/shower and a clean towel after the date. Timekeeping was kept by the Mistresses and was spot on without any clock watching."