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dominatrix duo

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code of conduct

Slaves are requested to read and adhere to the code of conduct, this will ensure that the session goes as well as possible for all involved.




1) Emails should be polite, concise and clearly written. Please provide some detailed information about yourself and your interests and limits, before you request a session with the Mistresses

2) You may send photos to the Mistresses if you wish, however this is not expected. Under no circumstances do you cause offence by sending intimate photos, and by no means do you send a photo of your pathetic penis.

3) Slaves are welcome to send detailed scenario descriptions, or a lengthy list of activities. The Mistresses do not have a maximum word limit, as they consider creative, imaginative subs to be particularly intriguing. However, once everything is finalised for the session, the Mistresses will not consider any last minute changes.

4) If you are advised that certain activities would work better in a different sequence, or that the duration needs to be cut or extended, for example, then it would be wise to trust the judgement of the Mistresses to get the most out of the session.

5) If you are booking for the first time, you will need to send a deposit in order to secure the booking. Deposit details are sent to you via email once a time and date is agreed, then the deposit must be paid within 24 hours. 

6) Please ensure that when you phone the Mistresses, you do not use an unknown or withheld number - these calls will not be answered.

7) Do not phone any earlier than 11am and no later than 11pm (GMT)

8) The secretary answers the phone calls, and is able to answer questions about session activities and check the Mistresses's availability. She does not have any involvement with the session, so please do not ask.

9) Please do not ask if any personal, non paying slaves are required. The Mistresses do not run a charitable organisation.

10) On the day of the session, you must confirm your attendance by text message by 10.30am

11) Please make sure you have a working mobile phone with you on your way to the session - you will need this to ascertain the exact location of the dungeon.



Session étiquette

1) Please have the tribute ready to give at the start of the session, so that this can be dealt with promptly for a smooth start

2) Slaves have the opportunity for a brief pre-session chat, so please advise the Mistresses of any last minute issues or queries at this stage

3) Be sure to tell the Mistresses about your preferences with regards to marking

4) For any form of anal play, you must have expelled everything before the session. Please ensure that you have douched, and remember that if you have haemorrhoids the Mistresses will not perform any kind of anal play.

5) If you would like the electrics on your nipples or genitals, please consider that this works best if the area has minimal hair.

6) If you are keen to try breath play, it is worth noting that this activity can prove to be a physical challenge. As such, you are wise to only consider this activity if you are fit and healthy.

7) The Mistresses will not conduct any activity that is seriously dangerous and/or illegal.

8) Please come to the session with an open mind and an enthusiastic attitude. The more a slave plays along, the more actively the Mistresses will be involved.

9) If something feels overly uncomfortable or painful in ways that seem unusual, tell the Mistresses. Do not suffer in silence! The enjoyment of pain is dependant on the levels being appropriate to the subject.

10) Finally, slaves who abide by these rules should simply relax and enjoy the session - and relish the opportunity to give complete control over to their cruel superiors.