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dominatrix duo

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The list below covers our many skills and specialisms, from the sensual to the more sadistic styles of domination.


Adult baby


Age Play




Ballbusting & kicking


Blindfolding & Gagging


Blood sports- Needles, knives, blades


Bullying and verbal humiliation


Biastophilia (play rape)


Breath control enclosure suit- rather than using a mask or bag, the suit can be worn and filled with poppers vapour & sealed.


Breath control (we have masks, pipes, and re-breathing equipment for this also compressed air tank and regulator - plus nitrous gas and poppers. we have a unique system and style of doing breath play, for the more experienced who want to try new ways of doing it. Also we can also include the Nova Pro 100 Mind Machine,  beginners are also welcome.




Chastity - we have several devices and can keep the slave in chastity for prolonged periods.


CFNM - in this scenario we would expect you to be naked and ready to receive abuse throughout the session, while Mistress remains clothed and maintains the dignity you do not have.


Caging/Prison cell enclosure


Cling film wrap


Cock and ball torture (CBT)


Coffin enclosure




Corporal punishment - with or without marks


Dildo training (from small to very large)


Domestic servitude


Electrics/electric play (electro stim) P E S - TENS and violet wand


Face slapping/Bitch slapping


Financial servitude and blackmail


Fighting - be Mistress's punchbag. With boxing gloves, the

slave wears protective head and groin guards.


Fisting and anal stretching - can be done gradually and skillfully


Food play/Vomit - slave can be vomited on by Skorpia or Cindy, and can be forced to eat it.


Foot fetish/shoe fetish - bare feet or nylons, many types of shoes, boots, stockings and tights.


Forced feminisation/forced cross dressing (we can provide the clothing/make-up/wigs/shoes for this)


Forced fitness - we can make the slave do hard physical activity for Mistress, in the style of a very strict and demanding personal trainer


Goddess worship - only if the slave performs well and is deemed worthy


Hard sports - We can do this in many different ways, on body or face, or directly in mouth. Mistresses will also force feed/hand feed it to slave. Hardsports can be delivered with our toilet box, or play paddle pool.


Hot wax play - variety of candles for different temperatures


Human furniture


Equestrian/horse/pony training (We have the head gear, mouth bit and rains)


Kidnap/prison/interrogation scenarios in underground cellar - can be done as an extended session.


Legs/hosiery/feet/shoe/boot fetish, worship and adoration


Medical play - hospital, sperm clinic, GP, or dental theme


Milking- our machine can milk upto 4 slaves at once


Mind control/Mind games - carried out with the Nova Pro 100 Mind Machine or a computer controlled LCD video headset with Mistress voice over for a hypnotic effect. A smoke machine with mood and laser lighting can be added to enhance the atmosphere, with strobe and spot lights for interrogation.


Mummification - can be done with cling film, and placed in coffin (can include necrophilia theme)


Mock execution - there are many options for how we do this, please enquire.


Nipple torture/nipple play (including extreme nipple torture with clamps, pin-wheel, needles and electrics)


Orgasm denial


Prostate milking (can be combined with other anal play/fisting)


Poppers and nitrous oxide gas inhalation


Public humiliation - please enquire for details


Puppy/dog training (We have the leather puppy hood, mitts, collar and lead)


Restraint & Bondage


Role play - office, classroom, teacher and school girl, and many more


Rubber/leather/PVC/corsetry fetish


Sensory deprivation - can include the Nova Pro 100 Mind Machine


Shemale ejaculation


Slave/Slut/Sissy/Maid training


Small penis humiliation


Smoking fetish (being forced to breathe smoke in through a mask or be a human ashtray






Strap on worship/Strap on training




Teacher & pupil roleplay - Mistress Skorpia is the teacher and Mistress Cindy is the headmistress, together disciplining and training the slave. Mistress Skorpia is a qualified teacher, so this is a very realistic scene.


Tease and denial


Temperature play - with ice, or hot air with hairdryer


Total enclosure - body cocoon/sack (sheer black nylon) or using our industrial chemical suit, slave is fully zipped in while Mistress teases slave


Total control session - Let the Mistresses have total contol over you and what they do to you


Trampling/Stomping (barefoot or with stiletto heels)


Vac bed (for total enclosure, with hole for penis: CBT can be done while in vac bed)


Verbal humiliation & degradation


Watersports - can be delivered on body/face, or with masks and pipes, through a funnel or from a glass. Another way  is while the slave is in the chemical total enclosure suit; the Mistresses unzip the suit, deliver watersports onto slave, and then re-seal the suit, keeping the piss-soaked slave inside.  There is also a toilet box, or the Mistress may use the latex pants with crotch tube.


Whipping/caning/flogging/spanking (incl. OTK) - light to severe


domination session activities