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dominatrix duo

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As well as typical domination sessions, we also enjoy carrying out the more unusual and kinky fantasies. We can explore almost any fantasy, from the vanilla and the more obscure roleplays.


We can both play many roles, as can our slave girl, and enjoy centring the session around a specific theme, as it allows us to explore more different fetishes. As to roleplay characters, we can take the role of the girlfriend, wife, lover, teacher, student, school girl, boss, secretary, business woman, posh bitch, police, border control, detective, doctor, nurse, mother, sister, aunt, and many more.  One roleplay that we particularly enjoy is schoolboy/girl training: Mistress Skorpia is the teacher and Mistress Cindy is the headmistress, together disciplining and training the slave. Mistress Skorpia is a qualified teacher, so this is a very realistic scene.


We enjoy hearing about the more unusual and kinky fantasies that you may have, and we can discuss how to make your fantasy become a reality. We welcome slaves to write to us with their ideas, although the session need not be scripted, as we can create a session as we would like to play it - we would only need to know the slave's desired themes, fetishes & limitations.