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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. When is the best time to visit you?

A. Our availability is fairly flexible, though we usually do not conduct sessions any earlier than 2pm, and no later than 10pm. Last minute bookings may be accepted if we happen to have the availability, but advance bookings are always preferred. We will consider weekend bookings, if sufficient notice is given.


Q. Do you offer sessions for groups or couples?

A. Yes - please enquire for further details about this.


Q. Do you take on personal slaves?

A. No, we would not consider running a session with a slave who cannot contribute financially. However, we may negotiate our requirements and fees with long-term subs, at our discretion.


Q. Can I do shared content, such as photoshoots or videoshoots with you? Or offer my photography skills?

A. No - since we are independent, we do not work on this basis. For any of our own content that we create, we arrange our own photographers and videographers. Slaves who are willing to be photographed/videoed during the session should inform us, so that we may set up the session accordingly.


Q. What is your policy on sexual health?

A. We take our and your sexual health very seriously: everything that can have a condom put on it, does (including toys and equipment). Every item is sterilised and disinfected thoroughly since we make our own personal use of the dungeon equipment, so maintain it to our high standards for your peace of mind as well as ours. We are a monogamous couple and as such do not consider it appropriate for the slave to worship us in any way that is unprotected.


Q. What is your nationality?

A. We are both English, as is our sub girl, and we speak native British English.


Q. Mistress Skorpia, are you really a lesbian?

A. Yes! My attraction to the feminine form gives me a deeper understanding of how the male mind works. I know too well the strong effect and power a woman can have, and I use this understanding to tease and control my male submissives. Mistress Cindy has a completely feminine appearance, and her being shemale poses no contradictions to my sexuality.


Q. Can I book Mistress Skorpia, or Mistress Cindy individually?

A. Yes, we run sessions as a duo and as solos. To find out more, you may contact Mistress Cindy directly at [email protected] and you may contact Mistress Skorpia directly at [email protected]


Q. How do I book in?

A. In the first instance, please send us a message through the website, with your interests for the session. We will consider your mail, and reply accordingly with our thoughts. Providing we are interested in conducting the session, we will invite you to phone us, so that we can discuss the session in more detail, along with discussing our availability and any other arrangements.