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Fetish List



Age Play - There are many opportunities to play on age differences during the session.  


Agalmatophilia (statue, doll or mannequin fetish) We have a very voluptuous mannequin, and would take great pleasure in making the slave touch and feel her, and serve her orally.


Autassassinophilia - (being in life threatening situations) This include death threats, such as with drowning or breath control. We can incorporate various forms of edge play, and use the threats to force the slave to carry out acts that they may not wish to.


Autoandrophilia (female imagining herself as male) Skorpia can dress and behave male, treating the slave as her slut. The slave can expect to be cross dressed and receive strap-on and dildo training.


Asphyxiophilia - strangling and asphyxiation, using plastic bags and masks


Biastophilia - with bondage, gags, asphyxiation, breath control (bag on head or with mask), nipple torture, with forced consumption of alcohol, poppers and nitrous on the victim.  We can carry this out in the dungeon or cellar, depending on the style of the session.  


Chrematistophilia (blackmail) We can blackmail the slave to do anything we require, such as humiliating acts or harsh servitude. For example, we can take photos of the slave during the session, and threaten to use the evidence against them.


Counselling - The slave talks to Cindy & Skorpia about their perverted thoughts, who force the slave to admit absolutely everything. After counselling the slave through their problems, we may punish them to rectify their disgusting thoughts. Those who like to be made to confess, may also wish to visit the Catholic Confession Box, which we can set up on the premises.


Emetophilia (vomit) Skorpia and Cindy can vomit on the slave, or vomit into a bowl and force them to eat it.


Exhibitionism - This fetish can be covered as part of the cuckold scenario, or by forcing the slave to perform exhibitionistic acts.


Infantilism (adult baby) - Skorpia and Cindy can play Mummy, giving the slave the bottle, breast feeding, and other baby treatment. If the slave is interested in exploring other family themed fantasies, this is also something we would consider.


Liquidophilia (putting genitals in liquids) This can be combined with watersports, or very hot or cold liquids as torture.


Masochism - We can force the slave to suffer extreme pain, in various ways as listed in the Domination section.


Narratophilia (Story telling) - We are both eloquent and open minded, and will cover almost any subject imaginable.


Necrophilia - We can discuss or roleplay this fetish. The slave can play dead in the coffin, while suffering various forms of abuse.


Nylon & pantyhose fetish – Worship and touch Mistresses nylon clad legs.


Olfactophilia (Being aroused by body odour) - Slave is invited to smell underwear or clothing, or objects that have been inserted.


Pictophilia (watching porn) -  We can discuss what we are watching, while reminding the slave how sick their fantasies are. The slave is welcome to bring their own, or advise us of their preferences.


Stigmatophilia (piercing fetish) - Skorpia enjoys doing piercing play sessions, using needles on the submissive.


Vampirism – A fetish that the Mistresses enjoy exploring. Skorpia will soon have vampire fangs (permanent dental implants) for the vampire look.


Zoophilia (by way of being treated like an animal) - Skorpia and Cindy will force the slave to wear a collar, eat out of a dish, and behave in all ways like an animal. For those who are fond of animals; the slave may also be interested in sharing their interests on the subject of bestiality.

We carry out many sadistic fantasies, including slut and slave training, pain and punishment, tease and denial, and much more. Perhaps you desire to be be forced by a young dominant woman to serve a shemale dominatrix in any way she demands.  In sessions we explore the many facets of fetish and kink. There are endless possibilities and these are just a few of our many ideas.