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dominatrix duo

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Mind control and hypnosis

Mind control – By repetitively training their slave, and drawing them into a compromising situation, the Mistresses soon have their slave in a state of utmost obedience. Mind control is exercised through the use of interrogation, persuasion, coercion and strict discipline, all within a highly imaginative scene in which the sub reaches new levels of automatic dedication. Ultimately, this can lead to the slave being in a complete state of awe and admiration, overwhelmed with the desire to worship the Mistresses.


Mind games – Mind games with their slave involve the Mistresses harnessing their sadistic and bizarre wishes, and taking their slave on a cruel yet creative mental journey. Placing their slave in a situation that blurs fantasy and reality, the slave is presented with strange predicaments and unusual role-plays, in which they are to quickly learn how to appropriately behave.


Brainwashing – Whether carried out gently or forcefully, the Mistresses are only too pleased to exploit this powerful technique. Delivering repetitive messages in direct and remote ways, the scene is built upon brainwashing their slave into being increasingly compliant. Brainwashing can also be useful for slaves who seek ongoing training in a variety of aspects of BDSM, as it can push them to new levels of extremity, and readiness to venture into unexplored territory.


All of these different techniques culminate to create an amazing submissive psychological journey, which can lead to a submissive state of hypnosis and with that a deeper level of dedication. Those who are willing and keen to try such a session will experience a mental release that can be truly out of this world.


Delving into the realm of psychodrama, the Mistresses are offering brave and imaginative subs a journey through mind control, mind games, brainwashing and hypno-domination.  The dungeon has been newly installed with a lighting and soundsystem, plus lasers to create the perfect relaxing yet dangerously hypnotic atmosphere. Both Mistresses enjoy controlling their slave as their captive, not only physically, but also mentally on a much deeper level. Psycho-control is carried out in various forms:


Hypno-domination – Through using hypnosis techniques, the Mistresses slowly and gradually enchant their slave into a trancelike state. Once under, persuasive and evocative suggestions will be made, whilst teasing out those deeply held fantasies. Bringing such unspoken desires to the surface, the Mistresses gain further ammunition with which to toy with or torment their slave. Hypnosis works exceptionally well for subs interested in increasing their pain threshold, or verbally exploring more taboo fantasies.