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Subs who crave immediate domination may wish to contact the Mistresses Domination Line, whereby they will be able humbly speak to Mistress Skorpia or Mistress Cindy. The phone line offers slaves the opportunity to confess their sins and be chastised accordingly, all the while remaining under the strict supervision of the Mistresses.


The phone number is 0909 967 0205.


18+ bill payers only. Calls cost £1.53p per minute from a BT landline. Other networks may vary. Service details may appear on bill. Provider: A2B, 01163870138. Calls answered between 11.30am to 2am GMT. 


The Mistresses will immediately detect the slave's weaknesses and pathetic desires, and deliver the appropriate punishment as deserved. Mistress Cindy's soft, feminine voice is a wonderful contrast to her harsh words of wisdom. While the sultry and elegant Mistress Skorpia delivers strict, swift instructions that are sure to bring any sub to their knees.


The Mistresses particularly enjoy discussing such scenarios as:


-Making the slave admit their taboo and embarrassing thoughts, and verbally humiliating them as a result

-Small penis humiliation

-Instructing masochistic subs to perform self torture

-Forced masturbation against the clock

-Enforced chastity and orgasm denial

-Forcing their slave to consume WS, HS or other unpleasant consumables

-First time forced bi experience

-Biastophilia scenarios

-Cuckold scenarios

-Bullying, verbal humiliation and degradation

-Enforced cross-dressing and forced feminisation

-Slut and sissy training and spit-roasting

-Strap-on domination

-Worship Mistresses legs and feet

-Hosiery and shoe fetish


-Being ignored

-Being turned into a whore for the Mistresses, to be pimped out by them

-Femdom tease and denial

-Blackmail and threats

-Ageplay whereby the young Mistresses humiliate the slave for being older and naturally inferior

-Hear how the Mistresses enjoy playing with their personal slave girl

-Find out how the Mistresses like to toy with and train their submissives in sessions

-General slave training, including ongoing distance training schemes for those who are unable to session in person


The Dominatrix Duo will entertain the discussion of a wide variety of subjects, however any subs who do not show the sufficient politeness and respect that is expected will soon find that their phone call is terminated. Please note that these conversations are to be considered a fantasy only, and do not necessarily constitute any agreement to a real time session. Please refer to the slave code of conduct for a more detailed outline of what is required of those who are fortunate enough to serve the Mistresses.


The Domination Line is not a pre-recorded service, or a service that is fulfilled by phone chat providers. This is an exclusive phoneline directed solely to the Dominatrix Duo; permitting callers to speak live with Mistress Skorpia or Mistress Cindy, or even both Mistresses simultaneously.


The phone number is 09099670205. If you are unable to get through and would like to arrange a phone session for a more suitable time, you may email [email protected] in order to set this up. All calls are confidential and no party is provided with any information concerning your telephone number. This number only works for UK callers, if you wish to call from abroad please email to arrange at [email protected]

domination phone line