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dominatrix duo

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the submissive girl

As a dominant couple, we have a personal female slave whom we take particular pleasure in playing with.


From time to time, we invite her to join us in session with other submissives.


Naturally submissive from a young age, at the tender age of 21 sub sasha enjoys BDSM training, and doing almost anything to please her Mistresses.

She is our dedicated plaything, and enjoys many forms of  servitude, BDSM and fantasy roleplay.


The addition of our sub slave girl makes for an interesting combination of roles and erotic activities, as she performs under our strict instruction.  If you are interested in sub girl sasha attending the session, then please inform us and we will consider your proposal.


Please note, if you require the sub girl to take part in the session, then you will need to pay a deposit of £50 in advance in order to book her.