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dominatrix duo

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location + dungeon + equipment





Arm binders

Anal beads (various sizes from small to very large)

Buttplugs (various sizes)


Blood pressure/heart monitor

Body cocoon/sack (sheer black nylon)

Bondage rope and chains

Bondage mittens (latex and leather)

Bondage waist belt

Bondage head harness (heavy latex)

Boxing equipment (head gear, gloves, sheilds)

Breath control masks with pipes & breathing

bags (plus purpose built mask to allow dual

inhalation of Poppers & Nitrous ) we also have a

compressed air tank & regulator that can be

controlled by the mistresses

Breath control hood (for extreme restriction, latex

with nose tubes and attached breathing bag)

Blades (for knife/blood play)


CBT anti-erect device

CBT cock vice

CBT ball breaker

CBT 'humbler' designed to clamp the balls and

keep the sub on his knees (sub can't stand up with

this device on)

CBT ball spreaders (metal and leather)

CBT Gates of Hell

Cock & ball divider

Cock & ball harness

Cigarette holder (smoking fetish)

Clamps (many different types for nipples and CBT)


Compressed air tank & regulator on a full face mask

Corkscrew dildo (tapered for stretching)

Cross dressing outfits, lingerie, wigs and shoes

Deep heat (to enhance NT & CBT, can be injected

up anus)

Dildos (variety of sizes and types)

Dildo gag

Diving mask (full face with regulator & air tank)

Diving drysuit

Dog and whale penis shaped dildos (to penetrate

slave, or Skorpia will demonstrate)

Electro stim P E S - TENS (cock, nipples and anus)

Electric shock device

Enema equipment

Feeding/Drinking Funnel

Fisting mitt (rubber, for smooth insertion)

Fuckmachine  anal, vaginal & male masturbation


Funnel butt-plug (for enema or watersports)


Gags  various types (including open mouth gag)

Galvanic machine (cbt)

Gas masks various types

Glass dildos

Glass table (to deliver hardsports non-directly

over slave)

Handcuffs (genuine metal with lock)

Heavy ball clamp vice (for CBT)

Hog-tie bondage set

Hoods (latex and leather, open and closed face)

Hot wax candles

Horse head gear, mouth bit and rains

Hypodermic needles (for play piercing and torture)

Industrial cling-film (for wrap)

Industrial chemical suit (for total enclosure, can be

inflated/used for breath play or watersports)

Inflatable latex ball-head

Inflatable dildos

Inflatable butt-plug

Jennings mouth gag

Latex suit for slave to wear (with latex hoods and


Leg spreaders (various sizes)

Male Chastity Device (CB3000)

Male Chastity Device (heavy latex)

Male cock masturbator device (with optional


Male cock masturbation pump (flexible clear tube

with vacuum suction device)

Male strap-on (hollow, for slave to wear if Mistress


Magic wand with anal attachment

Mannequin (realistic style, for roleplay)

Medical equipment including stethoscope and

Tweezers (too much to list)

Medieval stocks (steel)

Milking machine, milks upto 4 slave at once

Mind machine (Nova pro 100) or a computer

controlled LCD video headset

Neck posture collar (latex and leather)

Nitrous oxide gas

Numbing gel

Parachute (for CBT) leather and leather with spikes,

plus latex parachute that can be electrified

Paddles (large variety, including spiked paddles,

and 'SLUT' branding paddle)

Perforated dildo that is linked to a breathing tube

and mask

Pin-hammer (7 needle head)

Pin-wheel (can be electrified)

Piercing kit

Piss pants with tube male & female

Play Pool

Puppy hood, mitts, collar and lead


Resuscitation kit


Scrotum stretcher (CBT)

Sex doll (with 3 realistic holes)

Sex swing

Smoke machine and atmospheric lighting



Spreader beam (multi purpose)

Suspension cuffs

Strangulation belt

Syringe (for anal lubricant application)

The Box (full of stinging nettles, with a hole in for

slave to penetrate)

Toilet box (can be used as an open box in

combination with the Mistress throne, or closed for

total confinement)

Torture brush

Truncheon (wooden and authentic, can be inserted)

TV clothes, underwear, shoes, wigs and make-up

Vaginal duo balls

Vacuum suction (nipples, penis, vaginal and clit cups)

Vac bed (with the option to have cock exposed for CBT while in vac bed)

Violet wand (violet ray) original professional kit, very powerful with 18 attachments

Vibrating prostate massager

Whips (large collection of all types)

Weights for CBT and nipple torture

Wrist, ankle and thigh cuffs (leather)


Every piece of our equipment and furniture is sterilised and disinfected thoroughly, since we make our own personal use of the dungeon equipment, so we maintain it to our high standards for your peace of mind as well as ours.




We have an extensive range of fetish wear, and we dress for a look that is captivating and erotic. Our wardrobe includes; latex, PVC, leather, satin, sheer nylon, lycra, catsuits, bullet bras, girdles, corsets, gloves, fetish boots and shoes, hosiery, masks and more.


We take great pleasure in dressing in such a way to put our slave in a state of complete awe and admiration. If you have a specific style in mind, such as goth, medical, military or business, you may inform us and we will see if we can create the look.

We have a unique and very well equipped location including a large dungeon, a separate medical suite, and a prison cell and torture chamber in our underground cellar space. The location also has a bathroom with shower facilities.


We are based in central London W1 in a discrete yet easily accessible location in the West End. The nearest Rail Station is Euston, and there are two underground stations (zone one) within a minute's walk. Free parking is available on evenings and weekends. 




                                                                                                                                                                                        Bondage frame                                                                                                                                                                               Cage                                                                                                Cross chair                                                                                               Coffin & enclosure box with access holes

Fuck machine & chair

Hospital bed

Medical restraint table & screen  

Medical chair                                                                                                                                                                              

School blackboard, desk & chair  


Toilet chair

Whipping bench

The medical room has a 44" flatscreen TV and recording set up, to watch DVDs or view the session live on screen.


If you would like to watch a DVD or for us to use live playback on screen,

please let us know in advance so we can have this ready for the start of the session.


The cellar has a prison cell style metal barred door, so the slave can be locked in.


The cellars are totally soundproof and have no natural light source, for those who wish to be

totally transported into a dark and disturbing dungeon space.

dungeon furniture

dungeon equipment

mistress attire