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dominatrix duo

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As a traditional Dominatrix, she does not offer the slave any direct sexual contact. As a lesbian she is very aware of her own beauty, and loves to tease and tantalise submissives with her sexuality. She truly believes in Female Supremacy, and nothing pleases her more than seeing a slave at her feet, begging for the opportunity to worship her.


She is university educated, and has the articulate, well spoken accent of a sophisticated young lady.


Her alternative appearance and numerous piercings should suggest she is no newcomer to the scene, and indeed with several years of sadomasochistic experience, she enforces strict discipline with exquisite style.


Mistress Cindy is 6 foot tall with a statuesque figure, a slim waist and very long, shapely legs. Her femininity is further enhanced with breast, cheek and lip implants, making for an incredibly sensational pre opp transexual, with totally smooth and soft skin.


As a dom trans female in her early thirties, she has vast experience and displays the striking confidence and attitude of a true Mistress, with a deep understanding of all aspects of domination.


Despite her feminine, transexual appearance, Cindy has not had the final operation and remains fully operational and active. She is very well endowed and loves to demonstrate her sexual prowess.


If desired, she can be very cruel and push slave's limits to new levels. She also specialises in the more kinky scenarios and roleplays, and offers the beautiful balance of both pleasure and pain.



Mistress Skorpia is petite and slim, in her early twenties with a naturally curvaceous hourglass figure. Despite her youth and femininity, she is a very strict Dominatrix who commands the utmost level of respect and obedience from her slaves.

mistress cindy

mistress skorpia

Both Mistresses are naturally sadistic and abusive, giving all types of pain as they see fit. And although the slave will be forced to serve under their conditions, they are both understanding, perceptive dominants who are able to proceed gradually with pain, to those with less experience. The Mistresses also love to be very rough, aggressive and violent with the real pain sluts! They are able to administer CP and all other painful aspects precisely and accurately, such that marking may or may not be left, or marking left for a specific duration, dependent on the slave's preferences.